Sabra Hamida Trust

A trust was established in the year 2010 by the name of “Sabara Hamida Trust”. The title of the trust was created keeping in mind the names of the founding member’s mothers. This trust was made to contribute and share HTLLs earnings back with society. Hence forth a school named “ILMGAH SCHOOL” was established under the umbrella of the trust. The school’s target was to deliver English medium education based on merit to those children who are less fortunate and cannot afford

The school curriculum was set at par to any other private school in the country with full access to free uniform, books, stationary and meals every day. The company believed that educating the younger generation and making them a better human being is its success. The motive was simple a brighter child today is a brighter Pakistan tomorrow. We initiated a small project with primary level schooling facility and recently have introduced middle level (8th grade section) for boys & girls separately. Ilmgah has achieved a milestone through 100% increase of its Nursery class students’ population. In cognizance to this pressing demand of the school, SHT acquired yet another building to accommodate the increasing students. The building was inaugurated in a simple but colorful way. The faculty and whole management team are truly focused to develop the next generation with true spirits.

The students of Ilmgah have been performing exceptionally well for the last 2 years, most recently one of Ilamgah’s bright student Syeda Zainab Tanveer of class 5 secured first position in Lahore Cantonment board of Pakistan Examination Commission. The proud parents of the prodigy who were initially reluctant in sending their daughter to Ilmgah are now proud of Zainab.

HTLL Cricket Initiative

Hi- Tech Lubricants Limited has taken an initiative to take cricket to the grass root level. Cricket camps to be held within the vicinity of Sunder Industrial estate and all those who are talented and love cricket but cannot pursue it due to insufficient funds will have a chance to become professional players. HTLL plans to make a professional cricket team that will play at the domestic level, the players will be accommodated through financial support, housing and meal facilities. HTLL cricket team shall be shining and out performing as brilliant as other core functions of HTLL.To experience this, the company is overwhelmingly investing in Professional coaches to train and lead the team to all frontiers.

Going Green

Hi- Tech Lubricants Limited has taken the initiative to Go Green; Hi- Tech Blending Plant will be the first Blending Plant that is going solar and will reduce upto 51% Carbon footprints. The Power panels are in sync with the solar supply and 300 KW of Solar Energy will be added into the Power supply.

The initial draft of the plant was designed keeping the environment challenges in mind and taking that step towards efficient use of energy by designing roofs that are Solar equipped.

Other Recent CSR Activities Include

  • Helmet for all.  
  • Let’s abide by traffic rules.
  • Traffic Scouts Training.  
  • Road Safety Campaign.